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Click to Meet
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Click to Meet - integrované softvérove Desktop komunikačné riešenie

Click to Meet™ is a scalable communications infrastructure for delivering integrated voice, video, and data collaboration on a single software platform.

Click to Meet products lead the way in scalability and deployment – necessary functionality when deploying a desktop conferencing strategy that needs to be able to scale from dozens to hundreds or even thousands of users through a global network.

Only a software solution such as Click to Meet can deliver such compelling return on investment metrics and demonstrate a surprisingly low total cost of ownership. Our Client-Server architecture and standards-based platform are in networks today helping Government, Military, Enterprise, and Educational institutions across the globe achieve their goals through communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Click to Meet products are the epitome of integration, with a single software architecture consisting of the Conference Server, the Conference Client and the Middleware to tie them all together. Click to Meet products are widely deployed worldwide and offer a robust set of functionality straight out of the box.

Click to Meet 4.1

Click to Meet 4.1 is the complete package! Client, Server and Middleware combined to deliver voice, video and data communications across your enterprise in a single, web-based interface. Now you can integrate your organization, control the cost of scaling communications infrastructure and provide a fluid working environment whether your constituents are dispersed across campus or across the globe.

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Click to Meet Conference Server 7.3

The engine that powers Click to Meet, our Conference Server is a powerful software-based platform for delivering voice, video and data communications throughout your organization. Highly scalable, our Click to Meet Conference Server 7.3 is the foundation of many critical applications, such as those found in the DCTS for the U.S. Military, in enterprises around the world, and many Service Provider installations.

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Click to Meet for Microsoft Office

Click to Meet provides you with the ability to create and initiate conferences directly from Office Communicator Client. With a simple click, you can immediately escalate an Instant Messaging chat session into a multipoint audio, video, and data session within Office Communicator Client and at the same time interoperate with all other standard based endpoints (or telephones) when holding a group conference.